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        1. Join Us

          Our Core Advantages

          1. Competitive remuneration and benefits

          We offer remunerations higher than the market level, complete benefits and comfortable work environment so that our employees can focus on their work and career development. In addition, we also improve on all aspects of suggestions and feedback in order to offer a more enriched benefit scheme for our staff and maintain a cohesive and competitive team.

          2. Promising development platform

          Our platform, still in its early stage, enjoys broad prospects. Our goal is to develop into a renowned, diversified translation group based on translation services.

          We value talents, regarding them as our precious assets and core competitiveness. We spare no effort to offer our employees with all-round, in-depth and systematic training in hope of improving their comprehensive ability while expanding our business.

          Moreover, we manage the company in a people-oriented fashion and try to enhance the sense of belonging by creating a free and relaxing work atmosphere and hosting recreational activities after work.

          We intend to develop an elite team with great potential and cohesion. Accordingly, our team members should possess five traits: sense of responsibility, attention to team interest, self-development, learning capacity, and the ability to withstand pressure.

          We desire talents and hope to work with them for a common vision. Should you aspire to work in the translation industry and are interested to join us, please send your CV to hr@hardypartners.cn.

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